MPL Association is the premiere advocate, and meeting place, for those involved in medical professional liability (MPL).  MPL Association represents every type of enterprise with a stake in MPL—so you can interact with, and learn from, all of the other stakeholders: mutual, reciprocal, and other structures of U.S. and international MPL companies, hospital captives and trusts, risk retention groups, health systems, and others who participate in the MPL industry.

What Does MPL Association Offer?

  • A wide variety of member-only meetings and workshops that cater to every discipline within an MPL enterprise and provide continuing education for your company’s staff and directors. MPL Association events feature the latest updates on what is happening in MPL and how companies can position themselves to thrive in an ever-shifting healthcare environment and economy.
  • Member-only webinars on hot topics for MPL participants—as soon as issues and trends emerge.
  • Access to key MPL industry statistics, data, and custom research via the MPL Association Data Sharing Project (DSP). The DSP, which houses more than 267,000 closed MPL claims, provides a statistically powerful resource for analyzing the potential pitfalls in the many areas of the practice of medicine.  
  • The only MPL-focused publications, including the weekly e-publication, NewsBriefs, a concise compilation of the most important MPL news and related stories, and Inside Medical Liability, a quarterly magazine that features in-depth analyses of every element in the MPL enterprise. In addition, MPL Association DSP publications offer the latest and most significant MPL claim payment trends and patient safety updates.
  • An impressive track record of successful advocacy, in both state and federal legislation and regulation. The Association also maintains a vigorous presence with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, ensuring that your interests are aggressively represented.
  • Substantial discounts on registration fees including the annual Medical Liability Conference, which is recognized as the “must attend” event for anyone with an interest in the MPL sector, as well as the cost of MPL Association publications.
  • Eligibility to access the MPL Association Expert Witness Database—a tool developed exclusively to help you win MPL cases.

Membership Categories for MPL Insurers

Regular Membership (Voting)

This membership category is comprised of MPL companies or other indemnification organizations (including risk retention groups, captives, and self-insuring entities) that are owned, directed, or managed by doctors of medicine, doctors of osteopathy, doctors of dental surgery and/or doctors of medical dentistry, and other licensed healthcare industry professionals, hospitals, and health systems that meet the general criteria for membership. Regular Members adhere to the philosophy of serving the interests of healthcare providers by involving healthcare professionals in the areas of claims, underwriting, and risk management and which have physicians, dentists, or other healthcare providers as members of their boards of directors and other governing bodies and share in the MPL Association mission and vision.

All Regular members can attend MPL Association meetings, workshops, webinars, and other events as well as participate in MPL Association committees, programs, and activities. In addition, Regular Members receive the right to vote at the Annual Meeting of Members.

Other valuable membership benefits include:

  • Research and Risk Management—Coordinated industry risk management information and data through the MPL Association Data Sharing Project and exclusive risk management analyses.
  • Discounted pricing for MPL Association Research Department white papers, reports, and other publications.
  • Eligibility to participate in MPL Association industry surveys, including the executive salary, Data Sharing Project, claims and patient safety studies, and information technology studies.
  • Electronic alerts on the latest information regarding federal and state legislative and regulatory actions.
  • Participation in Congressional campaigns via the MPL Association PAC, the only federal political action committee focused specifically on MPL reform.

Regular International Membership (Voting)

This membership category has been created for MPL insurers and indemnification organizations that are based outside of the United States. MPL Association international members receive the same valuable benefits as regular members but pay reduced dues.

Industry Associate Membership (Insurer) (Non-voting)

The MPL Association offers a non-voting Industry Associate Member category for MPL insurers who demonstrate a "substantial commitment" to the MPL product line, but don't meet the established criteria for Regular Membership. Entities that join at this level enjoy the same benefits of Regular Membership with the exception of voting eligibility. All MPL insurers are invited to apply—eligibility is determined once the discovery/interview process has been completed.

Application Form for MPL Insurers