Affiliate Partner Program

The Affiliate Partner Program is structured to meet the needs of product and service providers to the MPL industry, such as reinsurers, intermediaries, financial service providers, actuaries, IT consultants, brokerages, and others. The program provides greater access to the target market companies want to reach—the MPL community.

MPL Association Affiliate Partner Program offers two benefit levels—Advantage and Premium. Each level provides unique value for anyone who is looking for a marketing partner that appreciates their needs. For more information, please click below:

Become an MPL Association Executive, Strategic or Mission Partner! Click here!
Executive Partnership with the MPL Association offers you an unequaled, year-round opportunity to enhance name recognition and brand awareness, and interact with the MPL insurance industry’s key decision makers. The Strategic and Mission Partnerships offer targeted, premium billing at the Association’s most prestigious events. Remember, there is no way to put a price tag on the value of sustained exposure to your current clients and prospects, via an ongoing conversation with them on the MPL Association’s multiple platforms.