MPL Insurance Industry History│PIAA

The Medical Professional Liability Association is the insurance industry trade association that represents a full range of entities doing business in the medical professional liability (MPL) arena.  These include domestic and international MPL insurance companies, risk retention groups, captives, trusts, and other entities.  MPL Association membership is open to MPL enterprises owned and/or operated by physicians, hospitals, health systems, dentists and oral maxillofacial surgeons, podiatrists, chiropractors, and healthcare providers such as nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, CRNAs, and many others, as well as insurance carriers with a substantial commitment to the MPL line.

MPL Association members insure more than two-thirds of America's private practicing physicians as well as dentists, nurses and nurse practitioners, and other healthcare providers and provide indemnification and other services to more than one million healthcare professionals around the world. MPL Association members also insure more than 2,000 hospitals.

MPL Association affiliate partners consist of those entities that provide products and services to the MPL industry.