MPL Association produces a wide range of publications to meet the needs of participants in the MPL field. Research publications, for example, feature analyses of MPL closed claims data (from the MPL Association Data Sharing Project) to provide a national overview of trends, identify areas of practice prone to adverse outcomes, and develop healthcare professional risk management education and patient safety guidelines. MPL Association publications offer insights on current trends and topics of interest to all professionals within the MPL field. See below for more information on all MPL Association publications.

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MPL Insurance—A Practitioner’s Primer - 2019 Edition

This popular MPL Association publication addresses major topics regarding medical professional liability (MPL) insurance and is designed to provide a comprehensive review of insurance fundamentals for insurance industry professionals, physicians, dentists, oral surgeons, allied healthcare professionals, and residents.
Price range: $30 - $75


Inside Medical Liability Magazine - Annual Subscription

Inside Medical Liability magazine is the flagship publication of the MPL Association. Published on a quarterly basis, IML is the leading industry-wide authoritative source of information on medical professional liability insurance issues, public policy, patient safety, technology, research, and trends. The magazine is distributed to a select nationwide readership of more than 2,200 leaders in the medical liability insurance industry.
Price range: Free - $100


Using Predictive Modeling to Investigate the Severity of Medical Professional Liability Claims

In studying the drivers of medical professional liability claims, there is an ongoing need to find reliable ways to identify and mitigate risk and to control costs. In a data-intensive world, MPL needs to be analytic, conclusive to the extent possible, and predictive. For these reasons, predictive models are more important than ever for making sense of the information we have and for estimating and planning for what might happen in the future.
Available free to MPL Association members


MPL Closed Claims 2016-2018 Snapshot

IThis summary reviews the medical professional liability claims reported to the MPL Association Data Sharing Project for 2016-2018. This brief snapshot provides a retrospective review of the indemnity payments, Allocated Loss Adjustment Expense (ALAE), time length to resolution, and resolution of U.S. MPL claims reported over the most recent three-year span.
Available free to MPL Association members


MPL Closed Claim Comparative (MPL CCC)

The MPL Closed Claim Comparative (MPL CCC) provides unique data on nationwide payment trends for use by medical professional liability (MPL) insurance company staff and healthcare professionals. Features include: claim trends for the most recent five- and ten-year intervals; data on the impact of damage caps; and additional loss-causation data.

Special note: New within this report is the breakout of Advanced Practice Professionals (nurse practitioner, physician assistant, certified registered nurse anesthetist, and surgical assistant) MPL claims reported to the DSP. These claims reflect independent policies for APPs that have evolved within MPL Association insurers within the past five years. Additionally, Internal Medicine Subspecialties have been subcategorized from Internal Medicine to further delineate MPL claims named against adolescent medicine; allergy & immunology; critical care medicine; endocrinology, diabetes, & metabolism; geriatric medicine; hematology; hospice & palliative medicine; infectious disease, interventional cardiology, medical oncology, nephrology, pulmonary disease, rheumatology; and sports medicine.
Price range: Free - $2,000


MPL Specialty Specific Series (MPL SSS)

This report provides claims analyses on the 21 medical specialties reported to the DSP. The reports may be purchased individually or as a complete set. Individual medical specialty reports include: anesthesiology, cardiology, cardiovascular and thoracic surgery, dermatology, emergency medicine, family practice, gastroenterology, general surgery, gynecology, internal medicine, neurology, neurosurgery, Ob/Gyn surgery, ophthalmology, orthopedic surgery, otorhinolaryngology, pathology, pediatrics, plastic surgery, radiology, and urology.
Price range: Free - $5,000


Breast Cancer Study, MPL Cancer Claims Miniseries: Volume 1

This study highlights claims data from 2002-2011 naming breast cancer as the primary medical condition. Also included are causation information, ALAE and indemnity payment amounts, severity of injury, and demographic features pertaining to policyholders, claimants, and institutions.
Price range: Free - $200


Aortic Diseases Claims Study: Special Focus on Aortic Aneurysm and Dissection

This study highlights top procedures, physician specialty groups, and medical misadventures named in medical conditions comprising of aortic aneurysm, aortic dissection, and ruptures of the aorta.
Price range: Free - $200