The Medical Professional Liability Association (MPL Association) is the world’s leading trade organization representing the MPL community. Association members are international and U.S.-based MPL indemnity and insurance companies, risk retention groups, captives, trusts, and other entities. 

The Association’s international members are based in seven countries and/or nations—Australia, Belgium, Canada, England, France, Scotland, and the Netherlands—and their operations cover parts of Europe, Scandinavia, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and a variety of other British Commonwealth nations.

The MPL Association offers comprehensive resources for professional education and training, networking, compilation and dissemination of data, and risk mitigation strategies all designed to help international companies broaden their understanding of global medical indemnity and insurance issues.

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International Perspective

COVID-19 in the Netherlands

For the medical professional liability (MPL) market in the Netherlands, the outlook was similar to much of the world. The number of MPL claims over the past few years had remained constant, if not actually declined.



The MPL Association International Conference will be held October 5-7, 2022 in Ottawa, Canada.

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Industry Resources

  • Global Differences in MPL Verdict Size
    MPL Association Inside Medical Liability magazine
    While nuclear verdicts can exceed $100 million in America, large verdicts in many jurisdictions in the world are restrained due to laws and judicial systems that constrain verdicts within more contained boundaries. In many jurisdictions, the largest verdicts are unlikely to exceed $13.6 million dollars, according to Simon Kayll, chief executive of the Medical Protection Society.
  • Emergency Department and Urgent Care Medical Malpractice Claims 2001-2015
    West Journal of Emergency Medicine
    Approximately 75% of emergency physicians will be named in an MPL suit during their career and the average time to resolution is 16.7 months per claim, according to a study published in the West Journal of Emergency Medicine.
  • Diagnostic Errors Account for Top Liability Claims and Lawsuits
    Physicians Insurance, The Physicans Report
    “Diagnosis errors are the most common, most catastrophic, and most costly of all medical errors,” Physicians Insurance’ Spring 2021 issue of The Physicians Report stated. Diagnostic errors are the top cause of MPL claims and add billions in unnecessary costs to the healthcare system each year.
  • Medical Influencers: Navigating Social Media as doctors
    The Medical Defence Union
    Social media platforms can be an invaluable method of reaching patients and the public with health education from those who have the appropriate knowledge to give it—and many are also using it for a professional presence online.