MPL Industry Compensation


Salary Survey (MPL Industry Compensation & Benefits)

The Medical Professional Liability (MPL) Association and Total Compensation Solutions (TCS) have collaborated on the industry’s only comprehensive compensation survey on MPL industry jobs since 1989. The MPL Association Annual Compensation Survey reports on compensation and benefits practices of medical professional liability companies. A premier benefit of membership in the MPL Association, this closed survey is available exclusively to MPL Association members who participate.

The survey is a valuable tool for comparing compensation levels and pay trends as well as benefits data among MPL companies. Each year, the Association and TCS kick-off the process by hosting two steering committee meetings with association members to ensure the survey stays current with member needs. Based on these meetings, the survey is updated with new jobs and questions that reflect changes within the market.

Survey results are then published annually in early October. Survey participants will receive access to an individual personalized company report and ongoing survey support from TCS staff throughout the year.


The survey includes:

Statistics and other pertinent data
  • Company Financial and Operating Data
  • Sample Organization Chart
  • Salary Administration Practices
  • Salary Adjustments 2020, 2021 and 2022
  • Benefits Policies
  • Annual Bonus/Incentive Plans
  • Board of Directors Pay and Governance
Compensation data on more than 50 industry specific jobs including data on:
Annual Base Salary
  • Annual Bonus Paid
  • Total Compensation
  • Long-term Incentives
  • Typical Title
  • Employees Supervised
  • Long-term Incentive Eligibility
  • Degrees Held


The MPL Association and TCS maintain strict guidelines for data protection to safeguard the confidentiality of individual participant data. Data is only published in the aggregate and best practices in data confidentiality processes are followed to ensure no participants individual data is identifiable.



For more information, contact Ginny McGuinness, Senior Director of Membership & Business Development, at