Staff Directory

Phone: 301.947.9000


Ext. 1223
President and CEO

Ext. 1234
Chief Administrative Officer
Ext. 1208
Executive Administrator and Office Manager

Research and Analytics
Ext. 1206
Vice President,Research and Analytics
Ext. 1221
Manager, Research and Analytics
Ext. 1202
Senior Associate, Programs, Research and Analytics

Finance and Accounting
Ext. 1222

Government Relations
Ext. 1224
Vice President, Public Policy and Legal Affairs

IT and Database
Ext. 1233
Director, IT and Data Systems
Ext. 1235
Junior Analyst, IT and Database

Marketing and Communications
Ext. 1218
Vice President, Marketing and Communications
Ext. 1212
Senior Associate, Marketing and Communications
Communications Consultant and Editor

Meetings and Education
Ext. 1210
Director, Education
Ext. 1207
Manager, Meetings and Education
Ext. 1209
Associate Meeting Planner

Membership and Business Development
Ext. 1211
Senior Director, Membership and Business Development
Ext. 1213
Assistant, Membership Services

Ext. 1214
Vice President, Strategy and Operations