Expert Witness Database


Deposition-related activity is one of the most expensive elements of claims defense and litigation. The MPL Expert Witness Database (EWD)—managed by Second Chair Software—is a special tool for defense counsel and claims professionals designed to collect witness testimony for defense counsel that support the claims professionals by providing the most salient parts of testimony to help evaluate liability and exposure on medical liability cases. This unique repository continues to grow, with new transcripts and CVs received almost daily.

An increasing number of MPL companies and some of the largest hospital systems in the U.S. now rely on the EWD to help strengthen their litigation capability and greatly reduce their expense management.

By year-end 2022, the MPL Expert Witness Database included:
Registered User Access (Database Logins)
Number of Transcripts
Number of Experts with Testimony
Number of Experts' CVs


Better information means better litigation decisions!

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