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What Will MPL Look Like After COVID?

  • Join MPL experts as they bring their unique perspectives to the challenges and opportunities of potential changes in healthcare, cyber risks, telehealth, and more.
Government Relations

COVID-19 Information Center

  • Senate Leadership Unveils COVID-19 Legal Reform Proposal
  • HCLA Submits Written Statement to Senate HELP Committee
  • Bipartisan Congressional Letter in Support of H.R. 7059

Inside Medical Liability

Third Quarter 2020



Data Sharing Project
Telemedicine 2014-2018


A recent review of the MPL Association Data Sharing Project (2014-2018) indicated 2% (677 of 33,151) of claims and lawsuits involved a telehealth service ranging from phone calls with doctors, mobile health, remote patient monitoring, and live video conferencing. A more in-depth review of telemedicine claims will be the focus of the next issue of Research Notes.