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What Will MPL Look Like After COVID?

  • Join MPL experts as they bring their unique perspectives to the challenges and opportunities of potential changes in healthcare, cyber risks, telehealth, and more.
Government Relations

COVID-19 Information Center

  • Senate Leadership Unveils COVID-19 Legal Reform Proposal
  • HCLA Submits Written Statement to Senate HELP Committee
  • Bipartisan Congressional Letter in Support of H.R. 7059

Inside Medical Liability

Fourth Quarter 2020



Data Sharing Project
Procedure Allegations


In a review of claims reported to the MPL Association Data Sharing Project closed in 2016-2018, the most common allegations named were procedure (48%), diagnostic (33%), medication/iv fluids (7%), and administrative-related issues (4%). Incomplete/inadequate procedure and failure to recognize complication were the primary factors in more than half of the procedural allegations reported. Procedures that were not performed when indicated or where there was a delay in performance resulted in an average indemnity payment greater than or equal to $500,000.