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Second Quarter 2021



Data Sharing Project
DSP-Obstetric-Gynecological Surgery Claims

A review of claims and lawsuits closed between 2016 and 2018 identified 1,778 Obstetric/Gynecological surgery (Ob/Gyn) related cases. More than 30% of closed claims resulted in an average indemnity payment of $459,469. Procedure-related allegations were most prevalent (66%), followed by diagnostic (25%), administrative (4%), and medication/iv-fluids (2%).
Top Allegations


Diagnostic pelvic exams and pap smears were the most prevalent procedures naming obstetric and gynecological surgeons. The average cost to defend these claims was $60,140. More than 26% of the closed claims resulted in an average indemnity payment of $489,443.
Among the next most prevalent procedures named in these claims were manually assisted vaginal delivery without instrumentation and cesarean section. Claims involving vaginal delivery cost $69,729 to defend, and 38% of the closed claims resulted in a high average indemnity payment of $597,989. Defending c-section claims were considerably higher at an average cost of $98,556. Thirty-seven percent (37%) paid an average indemnity payment of $566,690.



Top medical conditions by total indemnity: